August 4, 2017

Understanding the Versatility of Glass Garage Doors

Today, more and more people are investing in their yards, transforming front and back yards into extensions of their home’s interior. It’s a great way to enjoy life more, and get the most out of those warm summer evenings, or just for soaking up the beauty of nature outdoors. There’s no reason that your garage door can’t be included in those improvements.

Glass Garage Door

Your garage door can be more than just a fourth wall – an all-glass garage door, such as the California from Garaga, can work beautifully as a curtain wall, or as a partition. They can be easily bolted to a solid wood structure for stability and security, and you can even use overlapping doors if you want. This allows you to create a bright, inviting summer kitchen or living area where you can entertain near the pool or hot tub.

It can be incredibly simple to create a restaurant or bar-themed entertainment area with an all-glass garage door. You’ll find a number of options when it comes to glass types and colors, as well. Some of the most popular on the market include gray tinted glass, blue and green tinted glass, bronze tinted glass and clear glass. You can customize your all-glass garage door by choosing from up to 20 colors. However, we do recommend that you stick with tempered glass for safety. This ensures that if a pane breaks, it will shatter into tiny pieces, like a car window, rather than sharp, jagged chunks.

Just to give you a closer look at your options, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting options in all-glass garage doors from Pinterest and Houzz. Here are some of the more interesting options out there, including both fixed and operational garage doors.

Glass Garage Door by the Swimming Pool

Create a stunning living area adjacent to the swimming pool.

Glass Garage Door on Deck

Create a safe, protected area for friends and family to enjoy.

Glass Garage Door giving a Restaurant Style

Turn your garage and yard into an impromptu restaurant.

Glass Garage Door giving look Enhancement

Expand your living space and enhance the look and usability of your home.

Glass Garage Door Expand Living Space

Expand your home and bring the great outdoors inside with an all-glass garage door.

Glass Garage Door giving Maximum Light

Overlap glass garage doors to let in the maximum amount of light.

Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to get started with all-glass garage doors, get in touch with us by calling 978-741-1600. We understand both commercial and residential garage doors, and we’re happy to provide you a detailed quote by email if you’d prefer.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, make sure to check out our Design Centre, and our image gallery.

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