July 3, 2015

Understanding the Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

The traditional garage door used for most residential purposes features an installer that rests above the center of the door. The trolley bar system has worked well for a number of years, but there is another option on the market that might be something you want to consider – the jackshaft garage door opener.

While it is more common in commercial doors, it can work well for residences as well, at least in certain circumstances. It can work quite well for those who want to have a bit more space for overhead storage, as it doesn’t have a rail system. Let’s look at some of the top reasons that people are using this type of door opener.

Jackshaft Door Opener

Why Use a Jackshaft Garage Door Opener?

The height and style of the ceiling will play a very important role when considering this type of opener. Those who have sloped or cathedral style ceilings in the garage will find that the jackshaft option is simply more convenient and takes up less space than the traditional rails. This makes it easier to access the opener as well. If the ceiling is higher than the height of the door, this system helps to provide more overall space. As mentioned, this can be important for those who want to have storage areas above the door area.

Another time that you may want to consider one of these devices is when the garage does not have enough depth for a regular opener. Consider that you need to have at least four feet clearance with a traditional opener. You do not need this much space with a jackshaft opener.

If you want to install this type of door opener, keep in mind that you are only able to use it with a torsion spring system. You only need to have around seven inches of clearance space beside the door and only three inches above the shaft that contains the springs. It’s also important to note that you can only use it with a full vertical lift movement.

What Are the Benefits?

You will find that using the jackshaft garage door opener does offer quite a few benefits. They can be used with large doors – up to 14 feet high. They can work with doors that have up to 180 overall square feet as well. Some of the models (Lift Master 8500) feature quality security technology, and happen to be operable by computer, tablet, and smartphone as well as remote control. They also feature a simple and effective safety reversal system that’s the same used in trolley doors.

When a trolley door opener and a jackshaft door opener have the same specifications, they work similar from a technical standpoint. They both are durable and reliable, and high quality opener options. However, the jackshaft opener does tend to work better in certain situations, as mentioned earlier. They cost more than the trolley door – around 25 to 30% more on average.

How do you know which one is right for you? It’s a decision that can certainly be difficult to make, and you may not want to make it on your own. Instead, it’s a good idea to speak with a professional in the field who can look at your garage and your needs and let you know which one will actually be best for you. Contact us today!

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