January 19, 2015

Types of Garage Door & Which One is Right for Your Home

As a homeowner, you want to make sure that your investment’s value does not decrease. Your selection of a high-quality garage door plays an important part in that, and you want to select a door made with the best workmanship and built to last for decades, all the while making sure it adds to your home’s curb appeal. A cost-value study published in “Remodeling” Magazine shows that the 2014 national averages that midrange garage door replacement projects recoup an average of 83.7% of the garage door cost when the home is sold.

Your choice of garage door can potentially increase the value and enhance the look of your home. You do however have to carefully choose the right door. You need to keep a few things in mind when selecting a garage door for your home:

Cottage Country or Victorian-Style Home

For homes with that old country charm or Victorian details, you can choose from one of Garaga’s traditional garage door designs such as the EastmanAcadia 138 or the North Hatley.

Any of these doors will perfectly complement a vintage style home thanks to high-quality workmanship and beautiful architectural designs with tasteful accents.

Carriage House Style

Contemporary or Modern-Style Home

For a modern home with simple lines and plain-style doors and windows, just about any of our contemporary garage door designs will work.

These designs, the California for example, which is a fully-windowed garage door, or one of Garaga’s grooved or flush door designs, have the same clean lines and other features of modern homes, all the while featuring their own style which may considerably increase curb appeal.

Contemporary Style

Colonial Bungalow or Raised Ranch Style Home

This style of home blends traditional and classic elements and features long lines and sparse detailed patterns. There are several garage door options that would perfectly work for this style of home.

The Cambridge, the Standard+, the Triforce, or the H-Tech, for example, will all match ranch- and colonial-style homes and will blend in with your home’s façade.


Special Tips!

Add Color and Light

Once you know which garage door design to choose for your home, all that remains is to make your choice of color and decorative accessories. If you choose subdued colors, the door will blend in with the rest of your home, and if you go for contrasting colors, you can make it really stand out from your neighbors.

Your garage door can also be outfitted with windows of many styles, including antique, arched, and clean-lined. Garage door windows can have a big influence on the appearance of your home and allow sunlight inside to illuminate your garage.

Detail with Hardware

You can further personalize your garage door by adding accents through various types of hardware, especially for Victorian- or Country-style homes. Decorative hardware goes a long way in giving a carriage house a refreshed look. You can opt to just get the standard garage door hardware or to add extra details such as door knockers and decorative handles.

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