September 14, 2016

Tricks for turning your garage into a playroom for the kids

Views Of A Garage Converted In Playroom

We were recently impressed by a brilliant idea one of our own employees at Garaga had – turning an unused extra garage into a bright, warm, and safe place for her kids to play. Since making the conversion, her kids haven’t had to brave cold winter weather when they’ve wanted to run around and play games, and she always knows where they are at playtime, too.

Because we loved this idea so much, we decided to help our customers out by providing some great tips and tricks for doing the same with your garage. With just a little bit of work and some creativity, you can turn your garage into an insulated wonderland where your kids can play.

Get Inspiration for Your Project

A playroom is only one of the many things that you can create when you repurpose your garage. You might also consider turning this area into a family rec room or a study space if your kids are a bit older and need a quiet place to do their homework.

If your kids are younger, though, a playroom is the perfect option, especially if you have another garage in your home or you never use your garage to park your cars. As you decide how to redesign the room, you can get inspiration from children’s magazines and books, design websites, and other sources so that you have a solid idea of the look you want for the room when it’s done.

Garage converted in a playroom

Choosing the Right Paint to Cover Concrete

If you really want to make the transformation complete, you won’t just want to shut the garage door, put down some mats, and walk away. You’ll want to paint the floor and walls with a paint that’s specifically formulated for concrete. We’ve found that Behr Premium Concrete Garage Floor paint is a great option, but other brands have similar paints, as well.

Paint Can

Keeping the Playroom Warm in the Winter

Keeping the Playroom Warm in the Winter, Cambridge garage door has been great for keeping out the cold, since it has an R-16 thermal resistance rating. You may also want to add some more insulation to the exterior walls if they aren’t already insulated. In some colder climates, a space heater is a good idea for colder days, too.

Keeping Kids Safe in Their New Playroom

As you take care of all of the other details of your garage conversion, remember that kids are, as a rule, curious, and they’re going to push any button they can reach. So make sure that the garage door opener is disconnected and that its wall button and/or remote are out of reach.

Get Affordable Storage Solutions

Kids tend to throw their toys everywhere, but if there’s a place for everything, then everything is more likely to go in its place. IKEA has a lot of really great kids’ storage bins, shelves, and other items that make cleanup easy and fast.

Go With Kid-Friendly Floor Coverings

Home Depot, Toys R Us, and Canadian Tires all have really cool puzzle floor mats that are durable, colourful, and a lot softer than concrete. Grab a few of these and put them together in a configuration that you like for your kids’ playroom.

Spruce Up the Walls With Stickers

While painting the walls is a great idea, you can go a step further with some really fun wall stickers in a number of themes, designs, and colours. In Canada, we recommend stopping in at DeSerres to see their inventory of these. In the US, you can find them at Michaels, or, no matter where you live, you can find them on Amazon and other websites online. Whatever site or store you opt for, put on your creative cap and think about the kinds of designs, shapes, and themes that your kids like best. Then you’ll be sure to find something that they absolutely love!

Wall stickers
Underwater wall stickers

What do you think of this cool kids’ playroom conversion? Would you transform your garage into an indoor play place for your kids? Leave your feedback in the comments section and tell us what you think! And, if you liked this idea and these tip, go ahead and share it with your family and friends online!

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