Tips for small business owners using commercial garage doors

Small business commercial garage door

Owners of small businesses, especially those offering garage services and construction, typically require access to a commercial door. Whether it is for storing tools and gear or providing service, it is essential. The usual dimensions for a commercial garage door are 10’ wide by 12’ high, and outside of the residential category

If used in a residential way, it would open and close only four times, but most commercial doors are far more active and need a great deal of upkeep and care.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to standard maintenance tips for your sectional door to help ensure it continues working correctly. Many of these steps a standard property owner can handle on their own, but others are definitely for the professionals.

When you use a garage door many times each day, it is essential that it performs reliably whenever needed. Guarantee such reliability using something like a Preventative Maintenance Program, which we can perform for you. However, you can also do the following on your own:

Give the garage door system a visual inspection

It takes only minutes to complete, and each month should look at the following:

  • Hinges: Scrutinize the hinges and the screws affixing them to ensure all is safe
  • Horizontal tracks: Stand behind the door and see if the rollers flare out, or seem to be about to leave the tracks
  • Lift cables: Ensure they are in good condition
  • Rollers: What is the status of each roller? Are any in bad shape?

Not all doors use electric door openers, and so you have a few extra inspection steps for manually operated commercial or residential garage doors. They include:

  • Testing the weight – Does the door seem heavy when lifted? If it feels like it is more than 100 lb. (50 kilos), it is time for service
  • Chain hoist not helping – If there is a chain hoist, and the door still seems heavy, it is time for service

Test these same issues with an electric garage door opener by doing the following procedure:

  • Pull down on the emergency release cord. Now, using only one hand, see if you can lift your door quickly. If you cannot, it means there is trouble with either (or both) the spring lift or tracks, and signals time for service.

Rather than attempting to outline the ways to fix the issues with DIY methods, we advise you to contact DSI North Door Systems without delay. We can analyze and repair anything that requires attention.

How to extend the life of the door

We can help you to save some money and do a lot of DIY repairs, meaning no technician is required. And all it involves is lubricating certain parts of your garage door. Consider the following:

  • Everything made of PVC
  • Everything made of metal
    • For rollers and hinges, use a liquid lubricant, like 5W30 motor oil. Remember that any metal part in contact with another requires lubrication. Doing so will extend the part’s useful life and inhibit rust.
    • For the spring system (counterweight), you can use the same motor oil. Apply it on top of the spring using a cloth, and continue around the spring. By doing so, it reduces the noise the springs make should the steel strands rub against each other.
  • For an electric garage door opener
    • Manufacturers of most commercial central or jackshaft electric door openers designed them in a way that no maintenance or lubrication of parts is needed.

Avoid the use of “white grease,” especially on rollers, since they are meant to roll and not slide in the tracks. At DSI North Door Systems, we carry both types of lubricants, metal, and PVC, explicitly made for garage doors.

Things you must not do as DYI repairs or maintenance

Owners must never try to repair or replace defective parts, since serious injuries may result. Consider the following scenarios as good examples of when it is time to call the experts:

  • Broken or damaged garage door springs
  • Frayed or broken lift cables
  • A lift cable incorrectly wrapped or off the drum that needs replaced
  • Garage door off track
  • Broken hinges or brackets on the door
  • Reseating a garage door knocked out of place by a vehicle
Small business commercial garage door

Typically, it is best if only the most experienced and qualified personnel, such as DSI North Door Systems’ technicians, attempt to repair the spring system or any part associated with the counterweight system if it’s malfunctioning. Severe injury or death can occur if they are handled improperly.

If you would like to learn more about the maintenance needed on a commercial garage door, we suggest you read this document.

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