Replacing Your Garage Spring Is a Risky At-Home Project

If you have ever had the pleasure of racing to your garage after a loud bang to find the spring on your garage door broken, you know how frustrating it can be. Once you notice the broken spring, you may begin contemplating if you should replace the spring yourself or hire someone to do it.

If you are considering replacing the spring yourself, you shouldn’t. Why? Find out below.

Replacing Garage Spring

1. “I know someone who did it, so I can do it.”

Your garage door is secured in place with a counterweight system. The system is connected to the hinges that rest at the bottom of the door. The hinges are also connected to the cable that lifts the door and the steel housing that keeps the springs. The system for your garage door is under tension. Lifting the garage door at the bottom hinge is equivalent to lifting between 125 pounds and 225 pounds. If your garage door has windows, you can add up to as much as 15 more pounds per window. If you move incorrectly, you could hurt yourself badly.

2. “Only one of the springs is broken.”

Although it may seem that since one spring is broken, the weight is cut in half. While it is, essentially, the door is still too heavy to lift. You never want to place your life at risk or risk injuring others around you. You need to balance the weight and door correctly between the two springs to prevent problems or rebounding of the door.

3. “My garage door opener can hold the door up!”

Your garage door opener is not designed to hold the weight of the door. The door opener is only designed to help assist you when opening the door. When you allow too much weight to become the responsibility of the door opener, the door may collapse or the door opener may break.

Only Work With a Licensed Professional

Repairing the springs in your garage door requires someone that has experience and knowledge in the process. It is important for the weight of the door to be calculated correctly to prevent injury and to make sure the door works correctly.

At DSI Door Services North Shore, our team of technicians is qualified to repair your garage door springs efficiently and safely. We have all of the tools to perform the job right. Each of our service trucks is packed with replacement parts to ensure your door works when we leave. Whether you need a repair or a tune-up, we can do it.

Why risk injuring yourself? Give our office a call today at 1-800- 425-0662 for a job that is guaranteed to be done right.

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