June 30, 2017

What are reinforcement struts used for?

Reinforcement struts are generally installed on double garage doors, for example, doors that are 16 feet wide. You’ve probably noticed a U-shaped bar, but maybe you weren’t sure what it was… Well, now you know. Read on to find out what they are used for.

Reinforcement struts are essentially a safety features that strengthens your garage door.

Reinforcement Strut

Reinforcement struts serve two purposes

  • They support open garage doors
  • They reinforce your garage door against strong winds

Like we mentioned above, they are typically found on double garage doors and are approximately 2.25 inches wide and screwed into place on hinges, or held in place with steel clips.

Stop doors from bowing when left open

Reinforcement struts support your garage door when it’s left open, making it more resistant to bowing. Some garage door types are more prone to bowing, for example lightweight, non-insulated doors. Whereas heavier, thicker doors, with polystyrene or polyurethane insulation are less likely to bow; this is because the insulation adheres to the walls of the garage door, providing a greater flexion resistance.

But just how many reinforcement struts should you install? Well, it all depends on the thickness and properties of your garage door, as mentioned above, some door types need more support than others. We suggest installing 3 reinforcement struts on a 7- to 8-foot double garage door, and you would need to install 4 struts on a garage door with decorative windows in the top section. Although you can install them using steel clips, screwing them onto hinges provides more stability, and is thus our recommendation.


Reinforce garage doors and combat strong winds

If you live in an area where there are often high winds or even hurricanes, you should think about protecting your garage from any ensuing damages. If you think about it, your open garage door is probably the largest opening in your home, therefore that’s where the wind will do the most damage. The Environmental Protection Agency claims that the intensity of hurricanes will only continue to increase as the temperature of oceans continues to increase… In other words, as long as global warming continues, we’re going to face stronger winds. Installing reinforcement struts is a logical way to protect your garage, and your home.

Do not attempt to install struts on your own, you need to speak with a garage door expert as there are standards and protocols that must be followed depending on where in the world you live. For example, if you live in Canada or the United States, and particularly in Florida or in North Carolina, there are specific standards you must adhere to. Even if you know how many you should be installing, you need to speak with an expert. When your garage door was installed, it was calibrated to counterbalance a certain weight, if you change this weight you’re garage door will no longer be properly balanced and could pose a safety risk.

DASMA has some good advice when faced with strong winds:

  • DON’T park your car right in front of your garage door: If your door isn’t properly reinforced and the wind hits it, the negative pressure could pull the door away from the building and seriously damage your car.
  • DON’T leave your garage door open: This one seems like common sense, but don’t forget, if strong winds can get in there, your garage walls and ceilings could be damaged… and the wind might even be able to make its way into your home!

Don’t forget, reinforcement struts are not a toy!

Although they might look like a fun ladder to climb or monkey bars to play on, children can be seriously injured if they attempt to climb on these bars, especially if the garage door is moving. Make sure your children understand that it is not safe to play with the garage door.

If you would like any more information…

Contact us at 978-741-1600 . We are garage door experts and we know them inside and out, if you have any questions about reinforcement struts and whether or not you need them, we can help! If you would rather speak to someone in person, you are more than welcome to visit our showroom. Alternatively, you can send us a request for an online quote.

Finally, if you’re thinking about changing your garage door, please visit our image gallery or try out our Design Centre tool.

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