July 26, 2019

New ways to look at your garage

New ways to look at your garage

How do you feel about the garage in your home? Maybe you rarely think about it, or you see it as little more than the spot where you park the car. Perhaps it is where you store a lot of stuff all year.

Either way, you probably never say, “Gee, I love the garage.” You probably feel indifferent about it, or maybe even a bit disgraced at the clutter and mess it hides.

Well, we are here to tell you that not only can you take a different perspective on your garage, but you can even learn to love it. Yes, love it!

How? You can turn it into the ultimate, super-organized storage space, a cool family room, an efficient spot for getting projects done, and more. It is possible to make a lot more of your garage, and we have five reasons to start looking differently at your garage and giving it all the needed care, maintenance, and improvements it deserves.

Your home’s value

Realtors will agree that a home with a garage is often viewed as more valuable, especially an attached garage. It gives parking and storage and allows entry into the property without stepping out into the weather. But, the front-facing garage door can represent between 30 and 45% of your home’s façade, too. This means it plays a key role in the appearance of the entire property and is often the first thing guests see upon arrival.

So, if you want to look at your garage in a new, more appreciative way, take a look at its outer face – the garage door. Any improvements made to the garage (exterior and interior) have a good return, and if you anticipate selling, improving the looks and function will matter.

Your stuff

A house is often the most significant investment in personal property any of us makes. Yet, we also buy other substantial goods like cars, motorcycles, tractors and more. These also require regular payments towards things like maintenance and insurance. So, they benefit tremendously from a well-kept garage.

Taking this new perspective on the garage – as a provider of shelter and protection for your costliest investments and more valuable possessions – shows that you’ll want to think of it as the optimal storage space.

Your “front” door

Around 70% of all homeowners use a garage door as the primary point of entry into the home. Did you ever look at your garage as the “face” that welcomes you home? It is, and you’ll want it to be a face you enjoy seeing. In other words, you’ll want to keep it tidy, organized, and free of clutter.

You will also want to remember that if it is your main point of entry, it could be that family and friends use it as the alternative front door, too. You don’t want them to have to navigate through a dangerous array of clutter or be at risk for falling over the many items scattered around.

So, show your garage a bit more love and tidy it up, ensuring that it is a great way to enter and exit.

Your safety

Your safety

While you are organizing the garage, it gives you a chance also to eliminate potential risks. What sorts of risks? Those old containers of flammable or toxic materials laying around, the tired old cans of paint that can be recycled, and all of that old oil or grease from your DIY vehicle repairs are but some examples.

These present a bit of a health hazard, and so you need to look at your garage as a spot that should be kept free of risk. Find local resources for properly disposing of such materials.

Of course, your safety can also be jeopardized by vermin attracted to your garage. When you find any signs of their presence, it is wise to take action. Eliminate whatever draws them, check for ways to seal their means of entry, and even consider an exterminator. While you are at it, consider the air inside of the garage. Is it damp and scented with mildew? These can create breathing problems and bad odors. If you ignore your garage, serious problems may appear in some hidden corner.

Your new happy place

Your new happy place

Whether or not you are a fan of the many DIY programs these days, you will have probably seen at least one that showed a garage conversion.

Did this inspire you to think about turning your garage into a man cave, hobby room, craft room, home gym, or another appealing spot? Almost any garage can become the perfect spot for such activities, and more.

For example, your garage might become a home theater or even a den where groups can gather to watch TV or do work. It could be that your garage is an excellent choice for housing a new home business. Maybe it is just time to turn it into the optimal storage space you knew it could be!

Your satisfaction

Now you see how you can start to look at your garage differently! You understand that there is added value with a neat and well-organized garage and a safe garage where everyone in the family could use to enter and leave the house.

If this has inspired you to make changes, think about a new garage door system as part of the process. Just contact us at 1-800-425-0662 and we’ll send you a no-obligation quotation by email.

Come by the showroom and we can also walk you through the design options using our innovative Design Centre or draw a lot of inspiration from our extensive image gallery featuring projects our other clients have done and which could help you to start to look at your garage in an entirely new way.

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