June 5, 2015

Improving Your Garage Door Safety with New Technology

Garage doors, just like many other aspects of your home, continue to get better and better with new technology. Not only is the construction and fabrication of garage doors markedly improved from those available just a few decades ago, with the advent of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, garage doors can be digitally controlled and monitored.

It is simply amazing when you consider all that can be done with garage doors, and while you may love that classic garage door you have right now, you can find a new one that’s just as beautifully crafted, but also comes with a number of great new features.


Stronger, Durable, and More Attractive Garage Doors

Compared to the wooden doors of the past, modern garage doors are made of a number of different materials including steel, glass, and aluminum. Depending on the appearance of your house, you can choose the material that will be most attractive and blend in best with the rest of your property. Even wooden garage doors are made differently than before, with some getting additional durability and strength from steel frames and other modern construction techniques.

Safer Than Ever

Garage door sensors are safer than ever and help prevent a door from coming down on your family members or your pets. When modern sensors stop working or are not receiving adequate power, they can shut down the closing mechanism, preventing any accidents or injuries.

Connected to Your Phone for Convenience and Control

It is extraordinary how many things you can do with a smartphone these days. Controlling your garage door is one of the most useful applications. With a smartphone, you can check to see if you garage door is open, preventing you from forgetting to close it on your way to work. You can also open and close it remotely from inside your house, down the street, or even miles away.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Many garages are now outfitted with motion detection lighting technology. This serves a couple of different functions. If you have to enter your garage or work in the back yard at night, the motion detector helps provide light, so that you can safely approach and get what you need. In addition, motion detectors are a great way to discourage people from trespassing on your property or by your garage. Though most nights it will probably only catch a few hungry raccoons, you’ll be glad you have it for the other situations.

If you are interested in learning more about new garage technologies or would like to get a quote on a new garage door, schedule a free consultation with us today!


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