September 11, 2015

How to Protect Your Garage Door from Burglars

It is very easy for a burglar to get into your garage door. However, you can use a few pointers to keep burglars from breaking into your door. These tips must be followed so you can keep your place protected for as long as possible while also using good habits for making it secure.

Burglar Breaking And Entering

Avoid Big Remotes

Car owners often store their garage door remotes in their vehicles because they are rather large in size. They will typically be clipped onto a spot on the front dashboard and be very easy to spot. Burglars often notice this by sneaking into a car, swiping the remote and using it to easily open your door to enter into your home.

You can use a smaller garage door opener that can fit on your keychain instead. You can buy one of these by contacting us. Make sure the keychain you use can actually work on your particular garage door opener.

Replace Anything Missing

You should not take any chances if you ever lose your remote. Reset your garage door opener code and disable any old remotes as soon as possible. You can then install a new replacement as soon as you can.

Use a Motion Detector

A motion detector can be added to your door to add to its security features while also deterring burglars. The light produced by a motion detector can easily deter burglars from coming near your home.

Don’t use any fluorescent bulbs on your motion detector lights if you are in a cold area. It takes longer for one of these bulbs to light up in the dark, thus giving a possible burglar extra time to get into your property.

Use a Latch

It’s always a good idea to unplug your opener when you are out of your home for an extended period of time. However, you can use a latch trick if you don’t have an opener on your door. You can add a padlock onto your latch or you can use a bolt through a hole on the door’s track. These ideas will keep burglars from actually getting your door open.

Add a Timer

You can also add a timer to your garage door. A timer will work by closing your garage door after it has been left open for a period of time. This is ideal if you tend to leave your door open on occasion. You can use the timer to keep people from being likely to walk through your door and steal things from inside your garage. You can also use an override feature on your timer for cases like when you’re trying to work on your car or you are holding a garage sale.

You must still make sure the door closes when it is supposed to if you’re going to head out of your home. Make sure you wait for a bit for your door to close and see that it doesn’t open back up again before you drive off.

Look Around Your Surroundings

It never hurts to take a look at your immediate surroundings to see if there are ever any suspicious people in the area. Make sure you watch out and look for problems that might come about as it is not unusual for burglars to scout homes for days before they actually break in and steal things.

Keep Updating Your Setup

You should not be too comfortable with your garage door setup. Make sure you update your door every once in a while so it will be covered by the latest forms of technology dedicated to keeping your home safe.

Consider a New Door

Sometimes it might be best for you to get a brand new door altogether if you want to keep your garage protected. You can contact DSI Door Services North Shore for help with getting a new door from one of the country’s top brands. You can especially find a choice that fits in with your garage and your interests.

Check out our assortment of garage doors for sale online and ask for a free quote. This is all to help you feel confident about your home’s protection.


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