March 4, 2016

Giving Your Hobbies Some Space: Getting Your Garage Organized

There is no question that turning a cluttered garage into an organized area can be a bit of a challenge. If you are ready to reclaim your garage, and make it a mecca for your hobby and other activities, then you likely need some help.

Since not everyone uses their garages, in the same way, it is important to find unique ways to organize that space. This means thinking about how you want to use the space and then making concessions to make the garage a functional area where you can actively pursue this hobby.

Here you will find new information and techniques you can use to organize your garage in a way that will put a priority on your hobbies. You can use the tips found here to get started and enhance the organization in your garage.


If you have a green thumb, then there is a good chance your garage has quite a few planting tools present. From wheelbarrows and trowels to seed packets and pots, you will find the collection of gardening supplies can get a bit messy. If you want to get everything organized – for good – use these tips:

  • Create a tool tower in the corner to keep all your hoes and rakes upright and ready to go.
  • Use pegboard on the wall to hang up smaller tools. You can use hooks and pegs to make hanging up virtually anything possible.
  • Purchase a kitchen cart with wheels. This can be used as a workbench for smaller gardening projects and you can roll it out of the way when not in use.

For some, gardening is a hobby they enjoy when the weather is warm. If this is your situation, then you should designate a certain section of the garage for your supplies. This will help ensure they remain out of the way during colder months.

Fitness Buffs and Sports Fans

If working up a sweat is your favorite hobby, then there is a good chance you have one of two pieces of fitness equipment in the garage. Regardless of the sport or type of exercise, you participate in having the equipment organized and ready to go is essential. Some tips to do this include:

  • Use a mesh laundry basket for storing balls so they don’t roll off of counters or shelves.
  • Mount larger equipment, such as skis or bicycles, on the back wall or on the ceiling, wherever there is more space.
  • Put your hockey, bike or baseball helmets on a hook on the wall or on adjustable shelving.
  • Store your baseball bats, hockey sticks and any other long equipment in narrow, tall laundry baskets.

If there is enough space available, try to keep the sporting equipment in a single part of the garage. Also, be sure to encourage family members to return the items to their proper place so that they can easily be found when they are needed again.

Motorcycle and Car Collectors

If you not only drive motorcycles and cars but also collect them, then you need someplace safe to keep them. There is a good chance your garage already looks like a car museum and mechanic shop. However, if you have clutter and debris in the space as well, you need to ensure these items don’t get in the way of your passion for cars. Some ways to help manage the space for your car passion include:

  • Investing in a durable type of metal storage cabinet for your auto repair and care tools. Try to find a unit that is taller with different sizes of drawers so you can utilize the vertical space.
  • Purchase or build a long metal or wooden workbench. The primary shelf needs to be about the height of your hips. You can leave the space under the bench clear for rolling floor jacks, air compressors, generators and other big equipment.
  • Utilize built-in shelving or a method of tall storage to store automotive liquids and bottles. Be sure that the unit has doors so the products remain out of sight when they are not being used.

Any well-organized car garage will not be finished without the stain-resistant and durable floor.

Crafters and DIYers

If you watch HGTV on a daily basis and are looking for new and inspired ways to improve and update your home, then it may be a good idea to create a crafters corner. This can include all types of elements and some ways to stay organized include:

  • Install a workbench that will fold up and pull-out so you have a solid surface when you want to complete a project.
  • Organize your tools and other items by painting the front of cabinets and drawers with chalkboard paint. You can write what is inside and easily maintain an uncluttered, clean look.
  • Use a plastic garbage can to store your scrap lumber.

When you take the time to get organized, it will help you find the accessories and tools you need, when you need them.

Your garage is the ideal storage area and workspace, regardless of what your hobbies may be. You can use the tips to help and organize your garage based on the hobbies that you enjoy.

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