How can you make sure your commercial garage door is good for your company?

If you were to step back and take a look at your commercial building, does it reflect the brand image that you hope to portray to your customers?

When you are caught up in the day‑to‑day running of your business, it is easy to forget about things like your commercial garage door. If all is working well, then you probably don’t even give it a passing thought.

In this article, we are going to explore the world of commercial garage doors so that you can better understand how and why you should use them to project your company image to your customers.

Commercial garage door

There are plenty of choices

Obviously, the most important aspect of your garage door should be its function. It needs to work in the manner that it is intended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of style or design to the mix. For most people, they only consider design when discussing residential garage doors, but you can really add a lot of dynamic visual interest to your commercial building with a well‑made garage door.

In fact, Garaga manufactures an entire line of metal garage doors with embossed designs meant for the commercial market. You can find various designs to suit your company, such as:

  • The Grooved model: this is the one seen most often. It has 1"(25 mm)‑high horizontal lines traversing the sections
Standard+, Grooved, 9x7, Black
Standard+, Moderno 2 beads, 9x7, Charcoal
  • The Flush model, without any design or lines on the sections
Standard+, Flush, 9x7, Ice White

Not convinced yet? What if you could test things out for yourself?

The Design Centre allows you to check out all of the garage door options so that you can find the perfect match for your commercial property.

You can have an even more dynamic experience when you upload a photo of your building to see how your designs will look in the real world.

Having a super stylish door isn’t the only option. You can also make use of the garage door space to advertise your business.

There are vinyl decals that can be ordered in any shape, size, or color that can turn your expanse of garage doors into a ready‑made billboard. Just be sure to check with your local ordinances before placing your order to ensure that you are in line with all of your city’s regulations.

Don’t forget about the windows

Another thing that needs consideration are the windows on your garage door. There are so many options when it comes to window style and placement!

There are even options to have an all‑glass garage door. Many car dealerships choose to go this route because it gives their mechanics plenty of natural light to work by, and it allows their impatiently waiting customers to follow the progress of their vehicle. Firehouses often have doors with plenty of windows as well.

Yet, there are businesses that would rather not showcase all the wares of their garage area to the passersby, which is perfectly understandable!

For these businesses, having direct control over the placement of windows is even more important. There are options to put the windows at the very top of the garage door which allows for the natural light without giving an easy view into the building. Plus, you can also control the size of the windows to keep things small and prevent thieves from breaking through.

The decisions don’t stop there! You can also be specific on what type of glass is used. There are more than 25 possible choices which include clear, gray, tinted, glue chip, and laminated.

If you are ready to find out more...

Business owners living in or near Salem or Danvers , can contact us now at 1-800-425-0662 to discuss their garage door needs. We can provide you with a no‑obligation quotation by email.

You can also meet us in person at our showroom, or you can use the image gallery of commercial doors for added inspiration.

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