Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal with the Latest in Garage Door Trends for 2016

Larger Doors

For 2016, there is no question that “bigger is better,” when it comes to garage doors. Not only do these bigger doors look great, they also add to the functionality of the garage.

Since most potential buyers, as well as passersby, will notice the garage door first, why not make it stand out? A bigger door will create the illusion of more space inside. Also, the expansion provides you a bit more liberty with the space, allowing you to keep more inside or even add storage inside.

Bigger Windows

Door size is not the only thing getting bigger. More and more homeowners are also installing larger windows in their garage doors for 2016. These extra windows will maximize the amount of natural light able to get into the space while providing a more open and appealing look.

When big windows are added to the garage door, it will also minimize the need for artificial light. When large windows are in place, you will feel less confined when working in the garage since you will be able to see more of the outside world.

Roof for Several Vehicles

In the 1980s and 1990s, multiple car garages were all the rage. However, recently, they have died out a bit, for the more eco-friendly single-car garages. This also allowed homeowners to have more living space. Trends are changing, once again, and chances are you will see a rise in popularity of multiple car garages in the near future. Currently, new homes are boasting two car garages, with some having up to three bays in a single garage.

This is a handy feature for families with multiple cars, or for those who may be planning to open an auto shop business right from their garage. One or two of the bays can be for personal vehicle parking while the other can become a repair area. The options are endless.

Faux Wood

There are some who love the look of wood in their home. It adds a bit of timeless elegance that is simply not available from other materials. Due to this love for wood, many people have opted to upgrade interior doors to natural wood. Unfortunately, wood will not make for a sturdy and durable garage door. If you want to achieve that timeless and classic look offered by wood, then consider using faux wood.

Several garage door suppliers provide both fiberglass and steel garage door options that look like authentic wood. The steel is what creates the durability while the wood appearance adds to the aesthetics of the home.

If fiberglass is selected, you will have a door with a high R-value, which will increase insulation for the garage and reduce energy costs. The appearance of the wood will add a bit of subtle elegance while the fiberglass material will ensure the garage door is long lasting.

New, Innovative Styles

If larger garage doors and faux wood are not especially appealing to the look you want for your garage remodel, then think about updating the style of the structure, instead. Options that are quite popular this year for your garage door include:

  • Create a modern look with marble or granite with classic red clay shingles.
  • Go to the South of France by adding arched, wooden doors and small windows at the top of the door.
  • Choose rustic appeal and create a farmhouse chic aesthetic with real wood doors and metal or iron accents.
  • Add neutral colors and an eye-catching border on the door for a contemporary look.

Consider speaking with professionals from DSI Door Services North Shore for more information and tips about renovating your garage to mimic one of the described styles.

Go Bold

For some, a complete remodel is simply not in the budget. This doesn’t mean you are stuck with the same old garage door. Consider painting the door a different color to make it stand out.

When choosing a new paint color, be sure to contact us. There are some paints that will not work with certain types of materials and our experts will be able to tell you the paint colors and brands that will work best with your particular garage door.

Be sure to think about the color you choose and find one that complements the look of your home, or your personal taste. Select an option that will help your home stand out from others in the neighborhood. If you have plans to sell your home soon, then you may want to choose a color that is appealing to a larger group of people. While flamingo pink may be appealing to you, a buyer may not enjoy this bold color choice.

Regardless of if you are trying to boost the value of the home so it will sell faster, or just upgrade the exterior to show off your tastes, be sure to try the tips here. Also, be sure to contact us.

Our team can work to expand your garage door, recommend the materials that are necessary for remodeling and even provide advice regarding what paint colors work with certain materials. For more innovative ideas about how to improve and maintain your garage, be sure to visit our blog.

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