March 24, 2017

What are the advantages of a new garage door?

Homeowners do not often consider the advantages of getting a new garage door. They may think that as long as their current door is still opening and closing, it does not need to be replaced.

These eight advantages, however, show that upgrading your garage door, even if it is still working, can be a good idea.

House With 2 Garage Doors

1- A new garage door will give you peace of mind

Maintenance costs can add up, especially if you have an emergency such as not being able to get your car out of the garage when you are trying to leave for work in the morning. Maintenance will not usually be necessary with a new door.

2- A new garage door will help you save on energy costs

If you opt for a door with airtight sealing and insulation, you will notice a difference in the cost of heating or cooling your garage. Not only will better sealing and insulation make climate control cheaper, it will also make it more pleasant to spend time in the garage.

3- You will get to use the latest technology

Garage door technology, like everything else, has developed a lot in recent years. One example of this is a smartphone app, available since 2014, that allows you to control the garage door with your phone even if you are not at home.

4- Your new door will have important safety features

If you have children or pets, a photoelectric reversal system will be extremely useful. The system consists of sensors that stop and reverse the door if something (or someone) is in its path. This is an important safety feature that new doors have, but that doors installed before 1993 might lack.

5- Your garage will be more secure

Security features, including metal skin on the door and rolling code technology on the opener, will make your garage much more secure. You will feel totally comfortable storing valuables and your cars inside.

6- Less maintenance

Not only do new doors work more reliably, but those with newer metal skins require less maintenance. Your door with look newer for longer, and you will not have to worry about touching up the paint if you choose a pre-finished color.

7- A new door increases your property’s equity

A nice-looking, high-tech, reliable garage door that offers extra safety and security features will certainly add value to your home.

8- You can customize the design and features

DSI Door Services North Shore offers built-to-order doors. This means that you can create the look and add the features that you need and get a door that you really want instead of just settling for whatever stock model is available.

Getting a new garage door can bring some very important benefits to your home. It is certainly worth considering whether or not your current door needs to be replaced.

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