5 Ways to Save Money on Garage Door Repairs

Repairs cost money, and nobody likes having to fork out their hard-earned cash. But, it you follow these tips, you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs.

Saving money

Choose a High Quality Garage Door System

Garage doors are just like everything else – you get what you pay for! If you pay peanuts, don’t expect a top-notch system that will last you over a decade. When you’re buying a new garage door, ask about the thickness of the steel used in the hardware your garage door fitter is going to install, ask why one component is better than another, and ask questions about the exterior weatherstripping – is one sort better and more durable in cold weather?

Ask questions about the actual door, too. How thick is the steel exterior? What kind of insulation is used between the sections? Do you need to opt for something thicker if you’re getting a double garage door?

If you’re interested in durability and protecting the environment, make sure you tell your garage door expert. They’ll be able to suggest high-quality, well-made products that will last for decades.

Take care of your garage door – regularly!

You’d take your car for a service every once in a while, you’d repaint your bathroom every once in a while… In fact, when you think about it, you take good care of anything that cost you a fair bit of money. So you need to make sure that you’re also maintaining your garage door.

You shouldn’t have to do a lot to a garage door in the first two years, but always inspect it if you have any doubts or hear anything out of the ordinary.

If your garage door is more than two years old, you should be getting it tuned up every year. Garage door professionals often offer a 26-point program that includes checking, adjusting and lubricating your entire door system.

You yourself can make sure the hardware parts are properly lubricated (springs, rollers and hinges), you should also think about lubricating the exterior PVC frame weatherstripping with a silicone-based product.

Don’t ever put something off until it’s too late!

If you sense there is a problem, get it checked out! Many homeowners avoid having their garage door repaired when it’s time to do so, which can worsen the problem. Make sure you contact a garage door expert as soon as you discover a problem to prevent any accidents or injury.

Don’t Be a Jack of All Trades

Garage door professionals exist for a reason and you should always call upon one if needed. Garage doors are the largest moving component of a home and can become extremely dangerous if they are not properly installed and repaired. Of course, there are small items you can handle yourself (such as lubricating parts), but you should absolutely entrust any large jobs to a professional.

Carefully Select Your Garage Door Company

Pay for quality and get results. If you take on the least expensive company in town and you have to call them out three times to fix the same problem, they’ll charge you for each of those three times. Pick a reputable company with glowing reviews and they’ll fix the problem the first time. In the long run, you save money!

Ask around and choose someone that your friends, family or neighbours trust. If in doubt, get a second opinion to ensure they really do understand the issue with your door.

Remember this…

You can get in touch with us as anytime by calling 978-741-1600. We are garage door experts and can back up our words with concrete evidence – reviews from satisfied customers.

I’m telling you this now, service calls are very rarely resolved over the phone. In most cases, we’ll come out to your home to make an on-site evaluation, then we’ll send you a detailed quotation via email.

If it looks like you need to replace your garage door, why not browse through our image gallery for inspiration? You can even ‘try on’ a garage door using our Design Centre tool.

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